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Old April 7th, 2010, 10:32 PM
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Post Controversial Imaah “Chesty” Chehesti, General, Imperial Marines, Retired Today

*Traveller News Service

REGINA/REGINA (0310-A788899-A) Date: 002-1105

(Captain Chehesti donning her uniform after the capture of Reaver’s Heaven, 1076.)

Controversial Imaah “Chesty” Chehesti, General, Imperial Marines Retired Today,
Imaah became famous on her first combat action, a penetration strike into the neutral Reaver’s Deep sector on a Piracy Suppression campaign. The strike force left a high guard over Luushakaan while the main force of nine starships landed on planet to skim a large lake for fuel. The high guard was taken out by a surprise attack launched from a secret base on one of the planetary moons and the pirates proceeded to bombard the strike force on the ground below. From the official battlefield report:

“Captain Imaah Chehesti, of the 77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron, was off-duty when the alert was broadcast to all hands. Knowing every second counted, she rushed to the nearest fighter and launched off into the atmosphere at maximum acceleration towards the foes. With superlative skill she dodged incoming missile and laser fire and took out a brace of turrets on one of the four attacking vessels, the Reaver Heaven, an 1200 ton spherical cruiser of the Rivenworld class. Exploiting the newly created gap in its defensive fire plan, she maneuvered next to the Reaver Heaven and flew along side it, matching its trajectory and staying in its blind spot. From this position she fired upon the other vessels with telling effect. Their return fire was successfully dodged which resulted in further damage to the Reaver Heaven. Misunderstanding the reason for the attack, and fearing treachery, the Reaver Heaven directed its fire against its compatriots. The pirate fleet broke off its attack and scattered, all cohesion lost due to the perceived treachery of its members. Her actions in disrupting the attack saved all nine vessels of the strike force and the mission. As the Reaver Heaven fled, Captain Chehesti maneuvered around it and deftly disabled each of its turrets in turn. When the last weapon was disabled she opened televid communication with the vessel on an open frequency and demanded (and accepted) its surrender.”

The televid exchange, which was picked up and recorded by Imperial Naval communications gear, is presented in transcript form here:

Captain Chehesti
(Cool, professional voice) “Imaah Chehesti, Captain of Imperial Marines demanding your immediate submission.”
Pirate Commo Officer
“Damn! You sure are!”
Captain Chehesti
(Cool, professional voice) “Imaah Chehesti, Captain of Imperial Marines demanding your immediate submission. Heave to and prepare to be boarded.”
Pirate Commo Officer
“Guys! Look at this chesty Marine gal. She wants to board us!”
unidentified Pirate 1
unidentified Pirate 2
“Hot Damn! Can I be boarded first?!”
Captain Chehesti
(Cool, professional voice) “Imaah Chehesti, Captain of Imperial Marines demanding your immediate submission. (Annoyance) Heave to or I’ll personally whip your ass.”
Pirate Commo Officer
“Have I died and gone to heaven? ‘Cause I gotta tell you, chesty, that you are not motivating us to behave. Can we get a spanking too?”
unidentified Pirates
(Sounds of laughter) “Me! Me! No, me!”
Pirate Captain
“Enjoy the show, lads, those Impies are still in the gravity well. They won’t catch us.”
Commo Officer, Imperial Naval Cruiser Gateway Defender
“Captain Chehesti, Commander Zhunesta presents his compliments on your fine flying today and upon the panache with which you wear the Marine uniform under combat conditions.”
Captain Chehesti
“<traditional Marine exclamation>” (Noticing she is not completely dressed)
Captain Chehesti
(Lifts heads-up display visor to show a pair of steely grey eyes and a very determined expression) “Reaver Heaven, you do NOT want to learn why I am considered the biggest ball-buster ever to grace the halls of the Imperial Naval Academy. Right now I’m looking at an 1200 ton testicle that will make me an Academy record that won’t be beaten until the twelfth Imperium. So, unless you want this Laser of Love (fires laser across the bows) to start caressing your hull, which will initiate a strong internal convulsion causing the expulsion of SEAMEN from your LITTLE BALL, I suggest you make your Captain ABREAST of that fact that and stop THRUSTING away.”
Pirate Captain
(Very professionally.) “Yes, ma’am. What course and speed would suit you.”

It is rumored that the official commendation recommending Marine Captain Chehesti for the Starburst for Extreme Heroism contained a cover note from Commander Zhunesta, commenting that this was clear proof that “A stitch in time does NOT save nine.”

Vids of this exchange went viral over the Imperial news network and Captain Chehesti became a folklore hero, winning her first (of a remarkable six!) Starbursts for Extreme Heroism and a place in the heart of Imperial Marines and Naval personnel everywhere.
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