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Originally Posted by Drakon View Post
the "all jumps take one week" rule is not so much a speed of plot rule as, people had to do other things than sit around playing Traveller, like go to their job, to make money so they could go to the gaming store to get the next neat Traveller thing. For those who got to play once a week, it was easy to make the jump the break point until next week's game.

It made time keeping easier, by allowing the characters to match the real world calendar to the game calendar.
A very useful outcome.

The other thing it does is to force each world to have some degree of autonomy, no matter how "close" it may be to another. The minimum interstellar OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop is set at two weeks regardless of tech level, so there isn't time to react to and manage rapid developments over any interstellar distance. Higher Jump Numbers allow bringing more worlds into that two-week minimum, but that minimum is always present.
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