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Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
It seems to me that hijacking a starship full of 'treasure' is probably the low hanging fruit for any criminal endeavor. We need to focus on CCC for the ship. That seems the best way to steal a fortune in 20 ton bricks and run off with it. Just some thoughts.
I think you answered you own question well, but hijacking on the ground seems much less resource-intensive; I wait until folks have just about 95% loaded the ship, and take the ship. I just need to secure the ship long enough to take off and deal with anyone aboard. Heavily armed/armored merc section (14-26 shooters) with some element of surprise and good mobility would do it. A stout squad (9-13) with a lot going for it could swing it if they were really good and really lucky. Some of the shooters may be cross-trained, but you'd need a ship crew, of course. as well. It would take military hardware and training, plus good inside information; milllions can buy that for you.

Jumping them once they have lifted would take another ship or few, and would be a lot more involved, especially since they will have the gazelle with them.


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