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Default Fortunate Son, Devonia City Starport (shiptime 0230, 3731-08-13)

Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
"Fortunate Son copies, Sergeant, we will meet you on the pad at the bow dors. Out."
[OOC: By bow doors, you mean where the nose of the ship lifts up and open? I was going to mention, I think you can only do that when you have less than a full load of fuel, bc that nose is a fuel tank and it would be a big strain on hydraulics to lift that against gravity. For now, let's assume you already have that tank emptied, so no problem opening it.]

A grav car with police markings and lights glides over to the bow of Fortunate Son and sets down on the pad. Four officers get out and come inside the cargo hold to where Captain Rhodes and Doc Freeman are waiting.

The Sergeant steps forward with a friendly smile on his face, hand outstretched to shake. "Hello, I'm Sergeant Blaser. Which of you is Captain Rhodes?"

[OOC: Assuming that y'all introduce yourselves, he will continue.]

"I notice that you are armed, which is of course your right on your own ship, but our Department policy does not allow customs inspections or immigration interviews with armed subjects. If you wouldn't mind putting away the weapons, we can continue; otherwise I'm afraid we will have to cancel this proceeding and you, your passengers, and your cargo will all have to remain on this ship."
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