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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
"Ok, I'll have a side chat with him before we touch down and set up and appointment."

Hampton calls the bridge, "Kalos, I'm loading my authorization (Hampton sets up the purchase order on his pocket comp, signs, and uploads it to the ship's computer) "for an update package for the Library program. Send in the order and load it into the system, please."

Hampton will stop by Mr. Verchanski's stateroom and knock.
...picking up where I left off....

Hampton enters the stateroom and takes the seat offered by Verchanski.

"I hope you're feeling a little better now that things have settled down after the pop-out? Doc tells me you have an export and manufacturing company on Devonia, do you specialize in anything in particular?"
"I may have been grown in a vat, but I wasn't decanted yesterday."

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