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Originally Posted by ChaosBennett View Post
[OOC: Does our ship have a shooting range onboard? Just curious.]
[OOC: Sorry, not big enough. You might be able to do something in the cargo hold when not too full (pretty full right now), with snub pistols and either rubber bullets or paintball ammo so as not to damage anything, but it would just point-n-shoot combat practice, not real target practice as the projectile ballistic characteristics would be different.]

[EDIT: OOC: Actually if you wanted some practice w your electromag sniper rifle you could go outside in your vaccsuit, give a target a small push to get it moving away from the ship, and have at it, as long as the ship is in deep space and not near other ships or space habitats. Only problem is ammo usage; might be difficult or expensive to replace at many places out in the Deep.]

EDIT 2: Just hang on and be patient, I think after a couple of current conversations are resolved we may be able to jump ahead to making orbit around Devonia.]
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