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OK, Hampton tells Max on the comms, "Prep us for scooping the GG and have Leo ready for EVA to make sure everything is clear before we do. Kalos, plot us a course for the scoop - you can advise traffic of our arrival time and course when we are finished."

Hampton gets his second best jumpsuit on and follows the smell of breakfast to its source. It looks like it might be a full day with sick passengers (God, I hope they didn't throw up in the room again.) and a scoop...

Once in the crew "lounge" I'll look over Donoma's sheet.

"Hmmm...she's easy on the eyes and sounds competent, that's always a good combination...waddy'all think?", he says to whoever is in the lounge with him.
"I may have been grown in a vat, but I wasn't decanted yesterday."

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