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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
Because you're shadowing a Kaffer ship and you need to repair a sensor, just to give you the first example I can think about. If you stop your stutterwarp, you'll loss the shadowed ship, as you will if you cannot repair the sensor...
A couple of thoughts here:

1. Aren't operating stutterwarp drives detectable at a distance? You can flick them on and off as a communication device, so I assumed there was some telltale "rumble" that would make it hard to shadow another ship at warp. Too, I've thought there was positional uncertainty about the quantum tunneling drive that would likewise make shadowing difficult.

2. Wouldn't a good designer make most vital components on a ship repairable from the inside, like a submarine? Seems like EVA would be mostly for hull breaches, clinging critters, etc. I suppose a sensor dish might qualify as something that needs to be aligned after it is bent.
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