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McPerth is correct. The thing that immediately came to mind was the reference in the Bayern module that there was a major mishap with Bayern originally because there was a line connected from the Bayern to a station (of some sort) and the jump computer saw the entire thing (Bayern + line + station) as the thing it had to move and it overloaded the Stutterwarp system leading to the accident.

So you could leave the airlock while Stutterwarping about and clamber about the hull and make repairs, at least in theory.

In practice it's potentially really hazardous so people don't do it. You'd need to be recognized by the ship's Stutterwarp system as something that needs to be jumped with the ship or else you'd get left behind. I don't think anyone really wants to imagine being left behind light years from the nearest star.

For those who need to do it, an umbilical to the ship would be sufficient, or never letting go of the ship's hull, perhaps. So flying about near the ship in an EVA bug is probably right out.

It's my understanding of Stutterwarp is that it's scaled-up "electron tunneling" phenomenon. So there is no jump-space or warp space for Stutterwarp. One moment you're here and in the next you're there. There is no time interval between here and there. It's instantaneous since it's a kind of "probability travel" or fantasy universe style 'teleport.'* The time taken for Stutterwarp travel is the result of the tiny fractions of a second it takes for the computer to compute where to jump next, for the coil to recharge, or whatever. While the delay between each jump is very small (since a Stutterwarp cycles many, many times per second), they add up over a trip.

* In theory, because of electron tunneling is a probability thing, I guess if you want to play dark sci-fi horror you could have Stutterwarp accidents involving really odd stuff like multiple exact duplicates of the ship appearing or something...
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