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IIRC I've read somwhere than the Bayern failed in its first departure because, as someone left a line tying it to the space station the stutterwarp tried to affect all the space station and was overload.

If this is correct, that would hint that the stutterwarp effect is transmited by contact, and just being in contact with the ship (even htrough a line) will keep you on it.

If all said above is correct, I'd say that extra vehicular activity may be conducted while in stutterwarp, thoug I'd give some extra dangers, and , answering to your question 3, I'd say that when contact is brocken with the ship, so being left outside the stutterwarp effect, you're just bumped into space with the same relative speed you had when first entered in stutterwarp, as it happens to any ship when stops its stutterwarp.

My take is that, as while in stutterwarp you're just at intervals in "real universe", the rest of the time being in "microjumps", the part detached form the ship will be left at the first place in "real universe" the ship (and so the part) stops after losing contact.
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