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Originally posted by spank:
I have read a little bit about 2300ad and I wondered how it's stutterwarp compared with a jump 0 drive.
Speeds were measured in ly/day, with values of less than 1 usual for merchants, with warships heading up to the 4 mark (see ). The drive stored radiation accumalated during the transit, and could only store 7.7ly (about jump-2) worth before disintegrating, while irradiating the ship and killing the crew. It was possible to operate past this limit, with a good engineer, but the chances of being destroyed each crossing were usually greater than 3 in 4.

Insystem, the drive needed flushing at a major body, taking 1.6 days. Insystem speed was 0.645x warp AU/day.

Insystem, stutterwarp beats jump for speed. Outsystem it beats jump-1 and 2 for reasonable vessels (warp 1.0 +), but jump 3+ is way ahead of stutterwarp.

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