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The backstory of Halo is a very stratified non-human theocracy (the Covenant) attacking the heretical humans; a class of Prophets rule over a number of servant races, each one assuming a specific role. The Brutes are reptiloid gorillas used as shock troops just as the Elites are the razor sharp tip of the Covenant military. Other races fill lesser functions. During Halo (1), the Elites are the guardians of the Prophets, much like the Praetorian Guard or Swiss Guard. In Halo 2, the Brutes wrestle this coveted position from the Elites, labelling the entire Elite race as traitors to cement their new power.

I always thought the Hiver Federation was rather boring and definitely stagnant where it could be much more interesting. Additionally, IMHO, the subject races, particularly the Ithklur, were made to be nothing less than defeated and dominated pets. So when I started to see similarities between the Covenant and the Federation, I followed the transposition to its inevitable completion. Now that's heresy!

But imagine the Ithklur, starved of their inate ferocity for centuries, let loose on a doe-eyed population made sheep by Hiver manipulation; that would be frightening.
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