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I've had a herotraveller game going every other friday for about 6 months now..not alot of 'shoot-em up' but intrigue/politics.
their's the financier/ship owner: a human noble with a secret, the human captain: a dishonored imp. navy officer, the security:ex-imp recon marine vargr, and an ex-marine grunt.

so far, the vargr got seduced by a female vargr belter, the noble got the responsibility to take care of the daughter of an Aslan diplomat, the ship was targeted by anti-imperial terrorists, they discovered a listening post that was set up to spy on the imperium and those involved are either long sense gone or have established power in the local government. They got sued, shot at, lost and almost blown up by a booby trapped jump drive.

all in all, not a bad few months...but hard to do a CT conversion on the fly when the players do something unplanned. Hero system's real big weakness, hard to improvise with.
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