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Default Would this work?

It's amazing that a jump drive takes up so little space on a ship, really. I mean, a jump3 drive takes up 4% of a ships volume, that's only twice as much as a jump1 and gives triple the jump range.

The bear is the fact the jump fuel takes 10% of the volume per parsec, so a jump3 engine with fuel takes up 34% of a ship's volume as opposed to the 12% that a jump 1 takes...

Anyway, I was thinking of a ship with some special modifications to it that took advantage of a jump drive's really tiny volume need.

Now picture this with me here: We have what appears to be a beyowulf class ship, but she has a jump3 engine. Her cargo holds are modified to allow the crew to quickly convert them from cargo to fuel in a few hours.

So for a jump1 run, no problem, use the ship as is.

Have someone who needs cargo delivered at jump2 and is willing to pay for it? Convert one section of the modified hold to a fuel tank and you're a jump2 ship.

Someone needs desperately to get somewhere at jump3 and has an imperial credit voucher? Convert both modified hold sections to fuel tanks and plot a jump3 course.

This might cost a bit, but it could give a regular beyowulf some serious flexibility that could give it an edge. The problem I see is that if it were feasible and cost effective every freaking beyowulf in the galaxy would have been converted over to it, so I have to wonder why they haven't.

Any ideas on why? Or was this just a great idea the game writers missed and a player picked up?
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