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Right, the origin off all those psions.

There probably was a small psion cell on Tiniyd prior to the final war, not a full psionic insititue (not enough people) but the world is just so average, a great place to hide a few psionic families - say no more than 100 psions hidden amongst 3 million people.

During Hard Times we have an ambious Psion and later first dicator who moved and and then started recruiting psions to hide on this world. he was from jeddel (high pop world that suffered dramatic TL drop to TL8, generated several ripper gangs, and had a psionic insititue).

With hardtimes we have the collapse of central authority and its easy to move people around, especially with the doom trade and all. By the collapse we have approx 5000 psion refugees hidden across the world (Starting 1124 and running to early 1130 thats 6.5 years its only about 800 people a year - not a massive undertaking, especially given their psionic abilities).

After the collapse and the various coups / crusades, the new psion ruling class recruit amongst the locals (usually children and young adults with significant psionic strength) and numbers will be up to about 10000 psions, when the planet splits into the various nation states.

(CT rules say every human is potentially psionic, with strength decaying with age if not trained - the trick is ensuring not everyone is psionic. The restriction is available training)

Once the nations have split apart, psions become a strategic rescource and it becomes a balance of power equation. About 1000 psions per nation is enough to enforce control (secret police, fear of psionic scans, fear of other nations, mythology of next state of human evolution). More psions causes reprisals from other nations (upsetting the balance of power) and also makes the ruling classes to large -less luxuries per elite ruler.

Basically most of the psion ruling classes are living like lords, with the great majority kept in line by the secret police, the mythology and the fear of having their thoughts read. The rare chance of a one of their children being discovered as having a strong psionic talent is an added incentive to loyality.

From then on, the psionic classes ensure their kids have training no matter what psionic ability they have, and they pick strong latents from the general populace to make up occasional losses / inject new blood.

So rather than natural expansion from a small cell, we have an initial immigrantion period, followed by rapid training of a select group in the local populace, and then from about 1140 a steady state condition of natural slow growth with a small injection of fresh native talent.

Hope this explains things.

If you want to adjust the number of psions feel free, but there must be sufficient psions to maintain power each nation. Currently most nations have 1000 psions which is somewhere between 1 in 100 or 1 in 500 (depending on nation size). You might be able to get away with 100 psions but not much lower.

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