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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
I guess my question is, why do you wish to make a game that already requires a large amount of die-rolling require even more?
In my group die rolling doesn't faze them, they created their own games where part of the design goal was to roll as many dice as possible as often as possible.

So, t'ain't a problem in my neck of the woods.

The other part of my reaction to the question is, just 2-4 rolls per doubling of salary? Arguably too FEW rolls for the benefits.

Also, this creates big tension as players laying down that fee are going to be about as serious about this as Making the Big Deal or Taking The Critical Shot.

Secondly, if the Game Master wants to put in NPC with fraudulent credentials, that is already an option in the game. In some of the Casual Encounters in the JTAS, there are NPC which, while technically competent in a given area, also come with booby traps and major baggage in that area. Or you could have a person who is great at taking tests, but is terrified at actually using or touching the equipment they are tested on. Then there is the case of someone who has no papers, but has been using explosives all of their life in the course of prospecting, and should have a demolition skill of 2 or 3.
Sure, a ref doesn't HAVE to use this system, or any system, to create that situation. It does give a framework to where players have a means to defraud on their own, or suspicion of expectations vs. results when that certified Elite Gunner isn't hitting the broadside of a space barn.

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