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To respond to both of you, I have the opportunity built into this system for bribery or scamming, which is why I don't a hard requirement for skills built in per se, except for the difficulty levels of the rolls themselves.

That could work for the characters as they give themselves an unearned promotion, but also work against them as they hire someone that isn't what they paid for.

But countering that, most professions want to uphold their rates and professional standing and value. So I would expect in most cases the tests are randomized and changed to defeat test cheating.

It would also be a better use of resources if the character just buckled down and sought training to get the next skill level in their chosen specialty.

The apprentice level is very expensive to try and make a living at given that 25% of the yearly salary is going to certification. So most people are going to move on from that one way or another.

I also neglected to note that of course not having the skill in question rates a -4 or -5 for the roll, whatever is normal for the version of Traveller one is running.

It would not be unreasonable to have certification left over from the character's careers, but I wouldn't miss the possibility for a failed certification being the cause of career termination.

Maybe X years left on certification from the point they achieved their last improvement on that skill.

I had originally considered 3-month interning for the Master level. I may go back to that, I just was thinking that it would be a nice 'character goes away and comes back either triumphant or a mess', and also based on US doctor practice-

I set most of the rest as time doable especially during the ship maintenance period- most years the crew would vacation during that time period, some years part or all is taken up with recertification.

The government is not subsidizing the certification- the applicant is, which is paying for the costs, at quite the rate for the more advanced ones. The program pays for itself mostly, which seems very much the pay as you go universe Traveller inhabits. Of course, desperate planets or orgs may pay the certification fee, but likely with contractural obligations.

And that fee can use up that termination money really quickly, or have a short term goal to save up for the next level in their career.

If one is paying 20000 Cr a month for a Master Pilot, likely one is in a business where one needs that skill. The Master may not do scut work on milk runs, but he is there for when things get hairy, and may earn his pay with an hour's worth of survival that saves millions in ship damage and reputation.

Almost criminal NOT to pay a mere 2000 Cr for say a Senior Gunner, given what a +3 can give you when it counts.

This is also meant for those one and two term characters, to at least get them a working passage level and really appreciating every credit that comes their way.
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