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Originally posted by Cymew:
So, anyone know if that CT ship have been detailed more somewhere? Is it a puny ship for a rundown merc company, or a fairly decent ship with some ability so fight and transport troops?

I have a very vauge picture of what constitutes a "big" ship in CT really. And it sounds like such a ship could be useful in a future campaign. But then only if it actually could fight for itself with at least some planet defender ships.
The CT mercenary cruiser (Type C, "Broadsword" class) is not meant for serious fighting in space as it has a low Agility (Agility-1, as I recall from Supplement 9) and no armor or other defenses. It is a mobile base for its platoon of ground troops. It could probably deal with one or two small system patrol ships (like armed Type S scoutships), but not with armored system defense boats or anything that could be called a real warship.

I wouldn't call the Type C a "puny ship for a run-down merc company;" it costs over MCr400. It's intended as a ship for a fairly elite commando platoon to use as a secure mobile base for sudden strikes against hopefully unsuspecting (and lower-tech) targets. Note the use of the terms "commando" and "unsuspecting;" if this ship has to fight its way to the target you've blown the mission already.

IMTU, to allow more "cover" for such ships, I created several other 800-ton ship designs: the "Fat Man" class of merchants, the "Steadfast" class of colonial corvette, etc. This allows a "Broadsword" to sneak up on a target in a busier star system by pretending to be something else.
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