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If you don't know by now, the mercenary cruiser described in THB is not the Broadsword. This was confirmed by Hunter when I had questions on the design. So I took the initiative to flesh out the T20 specs for the Broadsword.

For the most part it has the same stats as THB. I have increase the power plant for the lasers, add fuel scoops, and included the airraft, cutter, and module bays.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Class: Broadsword EP Output: 39
Tech Level: 12 Agility: 0
Size: Medium (800 tons) Initiative: +0
Streamlining: Partial AC: 10
Jump Range: 1 * Jump 3 Repulsors: None
Acceleration: 3-G Nuclear Dampers: None
Fuel: 279 tons Meson Screen: None
Duration: 4 Weeks Black Globes: None
Crew: 13 AR: 0
Staterooms: 25 SI: 205
Small Cabins: 0 Main Computer: Model/5
Bunks: 0 Sensor Range: Very Long (Mod/5)
Couches: 0 Comm. Range: Very Long (Mod/5)
Low Berths: 0
Cargo Space: 69.7 tons Cost: MCr 471.5 (377.2)
Atmospheric Speeds NoE= 75kph
Cruising= 200kph Maximum= 300 kph
Other Equipment: Modular Cutter Bays(2), Module Bays(2),
Fuel Scoops, Airraft Hanger

4 Triple Laser Batteries(1 Turret/Battery)
Beam lasers
Attack Bonus +3 (3 USP)
Damage: 3D8

Triple Missile Battery (4 Turrets/Battery)
Attack Bonus +4 (12 USP)
Damage: 4D6

Crew Breakdown:
Pilot, Astrogator, 5 Engineers, 1 Medic, 5 Gunners</pre>[/QUOTE]Please note I did not include the cost of the auxillary vehicles.

If everyone likes/approves the design I'm thinking of submitting several variants.
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