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Default Mail and Freight

Page 477: Mail is always of incidental size (never major or minor sized lots).

Page 490: Freight Roll once for each type each day until the ship has enough freight and cargo.

Am I missing something here? How do I calculate how much mail or freight is available? How many types of freight are there? If only one then "each type" should be struck. The comment on Mail at page 477 implies 3 types.

Further down page 490 is the statement that "Each mail shipment is one ton" I do not see anything that says how many if any is available, and the statement that "The Destination World must be at least Importance-2 lower than the current world." makes no sense to me, what, mail in the Imperium is all one way?

The statement about mail size on page 477 should be clarified, either it's one ton or we need charts on incidental/minor/major Freight or Mail availability
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