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Wow, I have been in medical appointments all day and see I have a lot of reading to do to get caught up! That's awesome!

Anyway, had another bit that I wrote in an email reply but considering the general application wanted to post here (in part):

Originally Posted by SpaceBadger
Densitometer? What? Sorry, no magic "x-ray vision" machines IMTU; I think those were a Megatraveller/DGP idea anyway.

However, the hoist system will record the apparent mass of everything that it handles (weight adjusted for whatever artificial grav is in effect in the Cargo Bay) and include that in database records of scanned container labels - no need to do anything special, that is part of the freight-handling system (helps detect pilferage, or shortage before coming on the ship where crew could be blamed).


Re: Alfred: keep in mind he is only an Interface Assistant, a simulated personality to help interaction w the computer. He is not an AI, and has no ability to create new programs, only to assist with input/output/management of programs you already have.
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