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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Shortly after jump transition, Doc Freeman receives a call from Jarvis, the Passenger IA: "Doctor Freeman, I have a call for you from passenger Miklos Thanning, reporting jump sickness. My monitoring of life support systems suggests that passenger David Verchanski is also experiencing difficulty. Would you like to take the call, or shall I send the med-bay robot to dispense the usual remedies?"
Though sound asleep, Jarvis's voice instantly stirs up Doc, mumbling a bit 'Say what, uh, who?'
Rubbing his eyes a bit then stretching, 'Nay, just tell them the basic things to do like breath in and out slowly and that I am on my way.'

Pulling on his orderly jump pants then top, Doc grabs the basic bag of medicine that he keeps on a peg near his quarters door and grabbing 4 vials of Jump sickness medicine from a supply box.

Doc then heads out the door toward the passenger section. As he gets to the passenger hatchway, he slowly picks up one of his feet and notices that he forgot to put on shoes. Shrugging a bit, he continues on through the hatch and toward the closest room of one passengers that Jarvis mentioned.
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