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Originally Posted by samuelvss View Post
OOC: Sorry, but I've been unplugged.
[OOC: No prob. I've been kinda sick this past week and not able to work on this game as much as planned.

We just started last night. (Right on schedule!!! I had one day of slack already built into the schedule! ) ]

Originally Posted by samuelvss View Post
He initiates contact with the starport, to confirm the information that their transponder should already be automatically broadcasting.
The ship's position is 5.44 AU (45 light-minutes) from Devonia mainworld, so it takes about 95 minutes before you receive a reply by comm-laser:

"Roger, Fortunate Son, we have you on sensors and your transponder is green. Welcome to Devonia.

"We have no other system traffic to report at this time; please advise if you detect any other traffic. You are cleared for refueling by scooping from GG Whitney V, aka Peytonia. Our satellite monitor at the GG is reporting no unusual hazards; you can pull realtime data yourself by sending a ping with [code].

"Please advise when you have finished refueling and your intended destination after refueling. Devonia Control out."

Originally Posted by samuelvss View Post
He checks how close they are to their destination GG, and check sensors for any traffic or anomalies.
It was a pretty good jump. There was apparently a small bounceback from the target GG, as the ship's transition is about 120 diameters out from it (32,640,000 km). Sensor show 6 moons around the GG, plus a light ring of debris in the innermost orbit. All in nice regular orbits, nothing to interfere w refueling.

No other traffic, no anomalies on sensors.

If you maneuver to the GG at 3-G, estimated trip time is 15 hours (allows for turnover at 60%, retaining some velocity for scooping maneuvers rather than simply going into orbit).

[OOC: EDIT: OK, I filled in the missing xx calculations. Feel free to check me if anyone is good at this stuff.]

Originally Posted by samuelvss View Post
"Alfred, patch me to the Captain." Gives Rhodes a report of their position, any traffic, anything else sensors have picked up, or a negative report on the last two.

Initiates the download of Library data from the starport, giving them a feed of everything from traffic reports, weather, news, updates of white and yellow pages, ads, and spacer bulletins. Oggles picture of Donoma whil no one is watching.
There are several listings by spacers looking for work, or wannabes looking to go into space for the first time, but Donoma's is the only one that stands out with exceptional skill ratings that could help Fortunate Son.
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