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The numbers seem too high to me too. I would lower the numbers to something more believable, or count most of the population of psions as strong believers who read tarrot cards, are into numerology and so on but aren't true psions. Perhaps the institutes adopted a policy of "recognising" these peoples talents as a way of gaining the suport and confidence of the general populace, rather than look like an elite who turns people away and breed resentment.

1) I agree the numbers don't add up.
2) That would have had psions crawling out of the woodwork before the collapse though. Also it might open the door to importing soil, experimenting in creating new psions on other worlds. Not a bad thing as such (I wouldn't do it personally), but should probably require some forward planning for your campaign.
3) Sick of Ancients.

Note, these are personal opinions. For people who love psions and/or Ancients this would be easier to accept. If you do want to go with these numbers; might the explaination that a large portion of the population were genetically psions before the collapse even suffice? In this case the institutes aren't breeding at a rapid rate so much as testing and finding the psions that are already there? OK, so it lacks panache, but at least it is simple.

If not, something might come to mind over the next couple of days. If it does I'll throw it out there...
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