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As ex-SigInt in the US Army, I can attest to alot of the things already commented on. Most of the traffic will be very business-like and ordered. Occasionally there will be some lapses.

IMTU, ships Communications equipment are programmed with the vessel reg number. It works a bit like XM (satellite radio here in the US) as specific vessels can be contacted without a general broadcast. There are still general broadcasts, but most traffic is P2P. The military does, of course, have equipment that permits them to listen in to these conversations.

Militaries perform any mission sensitive communications with encryption. As of the mid-late 90s, the noise generated on an encrypted freq in use by the US Army was negligible. You could tell the freq was in use, you just couldn't hear anything. And jammers remain immensely effective against communications. Against something other than radio freq comms, I am doubtful of the effectiveness of jamming unless you can be in close proximity to the receiver, sender or in the line of transmission (mesoncomms excluded obviously).

Naval Maneuvers: Most of this will be point to point. There will likely be a large number of freqs in use at any given time as fleet orders are given, positions and speeds reported, small craft control channels, PD coordinates between ships, targeting data is shared, firing orders and tactical maneuvers implemented. Any given channel should be orderly at any given time...right up until actual combat. Then you get to add damage control reports into the mix.

Ground Troops: Very similar to Naval traffic. Target data, grid locations (for maps), enemy type-position-direction of movement-speed and force strength, objective information, orders, fragmentary orders, requests for transportation or support, fire orders, forward observer reports (for artillery) and supply orders. And more, casualty reports...crap, the list never ends.

Customs: A lot of coded traffic back and forth between inspectors and control, probably encrypted. Possibly the occasion call in the clear to a vessel to heave to for inspection. Occasionally, the odd engagement against smugglers or general baddies. These engagements would stay on Customs channels unless the found themselves overmatched and had to call for assistance...which might not make it in time...

The rest of the categories were pretty well described. Not certain I can add anything right now..I'll think on it though.

Hope this helps and hasn't regurgitated too much from previous posts!
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