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Grendades to the Vargr

Kill Bear first

Good. The Battlesigns are understood. Now we take our positions around the Cathedral. The woman is still chanting in her Sword Worlds tongue.

”Grrrrr. Kill him. Kill the Solomani!”

The Howls of delight are deafening about us. She’s raising the wavy knife... Do it quick, bitch!

Gunfire! Curnunos is hit many times! And-....there is another Psion here. Come, child-....ah! One of the Angelmakers. A survivor? Let us match minds, girl. Explosions are not feared by the Cwn Annwn. Let us embrace!

“Pour it on him!”

“Damn, he can really take it!”

“Leslie! Empty that GL! There!”

“Anzhelika’s froze! She and the chick at the altar are in a staring contest.”

“Get to Jones! Move move!”

You can’t use more than one power at a time, Matilda. You’ve let your guard down and your control over me lapse. I am collared no more!


“Pet?! No! Down!”

Sweet Human woman, flow over my fangs. Feel my pain! Taste the suffering. You and the others did this to me! You should have known my nature to let me get this close!


I penetrate your PsiShield and sense of Self. From the Lobby of your mind, I am witness to Aerrzh delivering the vengeful pain. Suffer, witch! I shatter your will and show you fear, show you regret, show you pain. You’ve had it coming for a long time for what you did to the Vargr, my unit, the others. Just suffer.

“Oh shit. The ground’s trembling! Guys!”

“The Bear swatted me, but I’m still here. Kill him!”

“And now the news update: Reporter Shoots a Bear!”

“Ground Zero Bug Central!”

“Fire fire!”

I can’t feel my leg. That’s how hard he swatted me with his claw. I may be down but I ain’t out. Take that, xeno bug!

“Do not zhoot him! Iz Aerrzh! He vights vit us!”

“Leslie, behind you!”

You’re free, Jones. No. Don’t speak. Do. Here’s my firearm.

“Back in action, mutha- Suck my Accelerator!”

“Matilda’s down! Anzhelika! Focus fire with me on the big bug!”

“I’m out. Cut, slash and move!”

“Watch the supports! The entire Cathedral is gonna come down if more of them are hit.”




“Have some Special K, asshole!”

“Tachibana-san! You came back for us.”

“Of course, Jak-san.”

“Look! Rook too! He armed the synths. They’re shooting the bugs! Pour it on, gang!”

“That’s enough, Jones! It’s dead. We’re okay. It’s okay.”

Aerrzh. I’m here. Your Angelmaker is here. See my Battlesign in the torchlight?

Don’t speak. Sign. That is good.

“That’s Aerrzh. You got him, Anzhelika?”

Affirmative. Don’t speak. Retreat.

“Up you go, Jak. Lean on me. I’ll help you back to the G-Carrier.”

“I’m such a casualty.”

“You did good, Jak, even from the floor.”

“Thanks, Leslie.”

“Thanks for coming back, Rook.”

“Not bad for a Human.”

“Look behind us. The Cathedral’s about to collapse.”

“Don’t look back. Don’t speak about it.”

Yes. Words fail.

Back aboard the Ishiimigur and typing out this report in the Infirmary for Whomever The Frak Cares. In comes Anzhelika and Aerrzh. She’s got her hand in his left claw. I remain quiet. In his other claw is his tablet from his cabin. On it are apologies and confirmation that we’ve been paid. He wants to join our StarMerc company, especially if Anzhelika stays on. Later, Leslie came to visit me. Interview on record and a kiss from her. I was the one who warned her of the bug from behind. We all saved each other’s lives, I tell her. Jones is in the Counsellor session next.

The StarMercs have committed to learning Marine Battlesign from Anzhelika and Aerrzh. It’s the only way we can get through his trauma other than his stupid tablet. It feels genuine, to convey with committed signs without speaking. In a month, I’m sure I can whip this unit back into shape without a word. There’s no need to speak. So don’t.


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