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You’re talking your sermon, Mallt-y-Nos. The Ritual. But by talking, you can’t hear me thinking. I can see it by the green glow of our collected pelts. Here on the front row, I can see you cutting into Jones. He can see you too. That’s right. Summon him. Summon that Bear. I brought a surprise to the Cathedral. But I mustn’t speak.

Oh, there is a prodigal Hound among us. He thinks I cannot hear his anger, his hatred, his thirst. Come to me, pet. Come close and watch Jones suffer. Yessss. Good boy. Mentation can override your body. No. No talking. Here. Here is a healing hand, my gift for returning to your Mistress. Now sit. Good boy. Watch Jones die in the Ritual. Here comes Curnunos the Master of the Hunt. He too wants to hear the screams.

“Aerrzh? Is that you? Are you still you?”

(Sagamaal) “No talking. Mustn’t speak.”
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