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Hello,...Jones, is it? Oh, you can see me? In the dark no less. Do you like my body? Welcome. No, the chains are too strong. Donít speak, Solomani. I can already hear your thoughts. I can see you too. So muscular. Almost a Sword Worlder with that frame, yes?

I spit in your face, witch! There! Fragginí Swordie pagan!

Now now, Jones. Letís not be disgusting in your final hour. Letís begin, shall we? This may sting somewhat...

(Sagamaal) ďIn the beginning, there was nothing, a void of darkness, a cold country of silence. When the perfect void was corrupted by Light and by Sound, the brethren cringed in pain of that incursion....Ē
Virus: When you care to infect the very best.
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