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* * *

“I just scouted up ahead. They’ve some pretty sicko pleasure dens in this Arawn Base of Afterlife. Carnal house and house of carnal knowledge. I can’t begin to describe-.”

“I see it too now. They’ve got synthetics serving their every whim except food. Ugh. What is that growler doing to her?”

“Shut it and concentrate.”

“How come nobody is talking or whispering?”

“It’s like Cray-Cray says: don’t speak. They communicate non-verbally. Animals.”

“We take them by surprise when they’re the most sated. Precise pops. Spare the synthetics if you can. They aren’t part of the Cwn Annwn.”

I know you are nearby, Aerrzh. I can feel your thoughts. Are you watching us put down your ex-Pack?

From the rafters draped with the captured silks, I watch the team stealthily distribute their targets. They want to synchronize their shots in this den. Smart to wait for the Cwn Annwn to spend themselves on their vices. But one whiff of your Human scents and the Hunt is back on.

“Shhh! It’s okay. They’re dead. I know. I know: don’t speak. I know what index finger to the lips means. We’ve taken off all the um- leather and unchained you. Tachibana-san. Tachibana-san is going to lead you all back to the G-Carrier so we can get you out of Arawn. Shh. This is over. Do as he says.”

“Tachibana-san, once you get these synths into the G-Carrier, have Rook tend to their wounds. He’s a synthetic and will know how to um- repair them?”

“Leslie, I don’t think the network needs to see this...this atrocity. It’s bad enough already.”

“Don’t tell me, Jak what to record or omit. This abuse of synthetics is not just an atrocity here. I’m the reporter. Not you. Put on your Big Boy boxers for us.”
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