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Came up behind you, dog. Stupid sentry. Howíd that feel? With my Darksight, I only needed to stay up wind of the ventilation. Now to drag your carcass back into the vent tunnels and skin your glowing hide like Iíll skin that psycho Bear.

What was that?! No. No-no-no. Donít tell me that nuke woke the xeno hive. I bet theyíre in some grotto or cave under the Corsair Base.

Stay calm, Jones. Work methodical and efficiently. Pick your battles. ĎStick to the plan, Jonesí, they always tell me. Well, Iíve got a plan now...

<cough cough>

Just keeps getting better. I bet Iíve got too many rads. Iíll skin me some more growlers before Iím done for.
Virus: When you care to infect the very best.
Empress Wave: Not something done in a local stadium.
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