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Trying to let the brain cells recharge. I have an idea of how to end this, but don't want to cut it short, now drag it out, nor otherwise screw it up.

Given Traveller's longevity, I'm surprised there isn't more fan fic posted here and elsewhere. I'm not sure why that is. I guess a theory I have is that it's actually a hard game to write for given some of the restrictions it has, that, as opposed to how it started out.

I'm also surprised there's only two computer games for it. But that again requires some writing to get a good story going. But then again I don't see too many adventure games on the computer gaming market anymore.

This has been a cool thing for me to do. Again, broken record or scratched CD mode here, I just wished I had don this way back in 2005. With the fan fic I posted elsewhere I had to break through personal "don't be afraid" barriers, and it worked. I guess it's worked here, but no comments, so whatever. Either way I'm glad to have been able to do this.
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