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The readership keeps shooting up

This is the kind of thing I wanted to write way back in 2004 and 2005 when Hunter Gordon and I were talking via email. I'll never forget his encouraging admonishment; "If you can write a screenplay, you can write an adventure." LOL, how true he was However, as per my blog, I had little knowledge of the D20 / basic D&D rules where awarding experience was concerned. At the time I had gone back to school to finish my degree, and was just really angry with myself because I didn't know how to write really awesome military stuff. Until now That's important because during my exchange with Hunter I just point blank asked him if there was ever a way to just publish fiction. And by fiction I did not then, and do not now, mean stuff that has or would have any real significant impact on the Imperium and basic default setting for the game; i.e. no "save the universe" kind of stuff. His specific response was "not yet".

As I've stated in my web log and elsewhere on the forum, my liking of the OTU is its basic limited tech value or level. There's high tech, but no super-ultra high tech as per a Star Trek or even a Space 1999. Weapons are basic, and where there's grav stuff, and even arcologies, you don't have "world busting" technology as per a Star Wars "death star". There's no "Doomsday" machine, but there are relics of the past that could be explored and dealt with should they prove to be problems. Otherwise the Imperium operates like today's contemporary society; get up, go to work, and if something extraordinary happens, then you'll have to deal with it.

That, verse D&D where you roll daily for a wandering monster or some other encounter. In a tactical war sim where you're moving infantry, armor, aircav, ordering arty strikes and what not, the "adventure" is in winning the game, verse playing a single PC in a large combat scenario (which might involve dragons or other monsters depending on the setting). How to meld those items or elements together is a trick to deriving fiction from an adventure game.

"If you can write a screenplay, you can write an adventure." Boy, I'll tell you right here and now, how I wish I had just given it a shot way back in 2005 when I was taking Cold War and Broadcasting at my old alma mater, and T20 was the hot item. I remember sitting at the SFSU Student Union, and jotting down a few concepts in my spiral notebook. I also was writing TV show concepts for my broadcasting class; International Baseball League, a sitcom called "Family Yacht", an actual TV show that, at the time, I did want to produce called "Rogue Knight", and a couple dozen other concepts and episode treatments. That, and I was bucking for a job promotion with a lot of family interference. I was busy.

But, I had it in my mind that I wanted Hunter to see things my way, and, to be honest, and in a friendly way, Shove a story down his throat, so to speak, to see the genius of Traveller fiction for T20. That, as opposed to me actually reading and fully understanding the experience rules. To this day I still don't get them. Something almost akin to MT Starship construction.

But, just as I didn't have the experience with "EXPERIENCE", so it was that the best I could do for military-scifi or high-adventure-scifi for Traveller, was to maybe imitate some of my favorite authors. Not anymore, and if Hunter were alive today, this is the story I would offer him.

It's a little more complex than your average 4 to 6 PCs in a starship kind of story, but has that vibe that I was looking for for all these years. What I had hoped to convince Hunter of was to write maybe a series of these things … I don't know how many … four? ten? eight? twelve? Some number that he might sell on Drivethru or as an ebook or something.

I had another individual (not a friend) who showed me the example of someone who had written and self published an actual Traveller novel. The book was pretty rickety. A wrinkled and bent hard cover that had bubbles in the plastic, and when I opened it and read it, it wasn't very good. I will not mention the author's name nor the title of the book, but that dude, in spite whatever I thought about the quality, had actually done something. He had accomplished something. Whether it was authorized or not, I couldn't say, nor recall, but it was an accomplishment. Well, I wouldn't do that unless I got the official go ahead, and regrettably Hunter was diagnosed with cancer, and his condition faded over the years until he finally passed away.

Putting this piece of fan fic up here doesn't satisfy my dreams nor ambition, but it does help me share with you all what I would have liked to have done before I take off from this forum to move onto greener pastures.

I'm readying myself to wrap up this thing. It has to be organic and flow like the rest of the story, and to be honest I'm almost burnt out. It's a typical failing of mine, get 90% there, then feel tired so as to temporarily throw in the towel. I'll try not to do that here, and bring this piece to a good rousing conclusion.

Anyway, thanks for the views!
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