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Small Starburst

So, I've got 600 views, which is cool, and a rocking 12k on my Scout's Tale. Pretty cool stuff.

So, I'm thinking I need to explain (heck, I don't know, maybe I shouldn't, but I'm going to anyway). Twelve low profile "limpet" missiles that act as mines, to me, isn't out of the ordinary, although the reader may wonder at what time did Gahv and his crew have time to deploy them. My thinking was that as they exited jump and picked up the Zhoe patroller (a six-hundred ton ship), shoving a few pre programmed missiles out the cargo bay, with barely any electricity running through them, would float amongst the rest of the debris, and that there would be enough time for the Corsair to seal up her bay doors manually (hand cranking them) so as not to register power on the Zhodani sensors.

And in this way the Stalker's Fang could rotate bemusedly to her crew, although to Captain Gahv it's serious deadly business. It is a modern submarine warfare technique, although the name of the weapon escapes me. SLMM? I can't remember, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

To me it felt borderline "wrong" to have that, but there's no real indication of the size of the missiles, just that the SDB carries two magazines. I suppose I could whip out my old Traveller Book or High Guard and look them up, but I don't seem to recall a size being given to them again, not that I can remember, just that they're bigger than a bread box, possibly about the size or half the size of a modern sub torpedo, and they move through space on a plume of energy.

The explanation of the crew playing dead is going to wait for the next chapter. But, recall how battledress and other space oriented armor can do stuff. Even the Combat Environmental Suit described on the inside of Book 4 Mercenary has a kind of concealment aspect to it.

To me official Traveller armor and other combat gear is somewhat general and restrictive all at once. I'm glad T5 has a thingmaker, but it's my opinion that there needed to be more variations during the CT days. Equipment tended to be official or ad hoc. I can't ever remember seeing or reading about variations on combat armor or battledress. The blonde Luke Skywalker-like dude on the cover of the boxed Starter Edition, to me, looks like he's wearing a very highly effective version of a light combat armor that allows for speed and agility with a weapon and hand to hand. Another Dietrick special that really inspires and fires the imagination. So, with that thought in mind, maybe there's some stuff that the Vargr have that the Zhoes are well, to be blunt, clueless on.

To me the Zhoes are way over confident in their psionic ability, and just their way of life and society in general. It's why the Imperium keeps beating them back. And why even though they're the senior partner in the Zho-Vargr alliance, they'll never be able to conquer the Vargr nor convert a significant number of them to the Zhodani way due to the Vargr's chaotic preference for all things social or societal based. The Zhoe think they have all the answers, and they don't, no matter how far they've gone into the core.

I like the Vargr. I think most Traveller fans do, but even though they're multifaceted in terms of just pure characters, after writing about Aston and Vash, and toying with some other Vargr ideas, notably Gahv, I am kind of tired of writing about them specifically. I did have a Grandfather era story where Grandad's kids are getting uppity and using Vargr troopers to keep their seeded human colonies in line. Eh, that one may have to wait. We'll see

I've kept the space combat generic. I didn't want to translate Traveller's space-vector mechanics into some kind of artistic-license prose, because simply put there's on defined distance that I recall in basic combat. I think there is in high Guard, but I'm too lazy to dig out High Guard and read through it again for the umpteenth time as a refresher for a piece of fan fic. Still, it would help me avoid the Aslan Polearm gaff

A bit of a sidebar here, I briefly contemplated a Traveller-OGRE/G.E.V crossover story, but the tech base for Ogre is just way too lethal, and I'm not sure that penning an SJ Games story is proper for the Traveller fan fic thread. That's just me.

Lasers; as I've stated in other threads, I think lasers are under used, and a lack of variety of them, like with a lot of Traveller firearms, has always hampered the game. Ergo the HEL Gun, which has been generated in many a scifi novel and comic book, translated as "High Energy Laser Gun", which, again to me, means a weapon that's a notch or two more power than your standard laser, including the Zhoe's "assault" or "assault carbine" laser weapons, which I don't recall as being too significantly different from the standard Traveller 5D laser rifle, or its 4D carbine cousin. Ergo I gave the dogs a leg (paw?) up in weaponry in spite of their long patrol away from a home that's changed hands more than once.

Just as D&D has plus one and plus two magical swords, or variations on swords with things like "the vorpal blade", so it is that I've long wanted more official gear for the Traveller-verse RPG that had variations on stuff. Kind of like SJGames Car Wars, but stuff that didn't overcrowd the weapons' matrix or if it did, then hooray for variety.

I've got other stuff I want to say, but I'll refrain for now. I was again trolled this morning on a game server, so I need more time to cool off again.

Anyway, I hope the story as a whole has been entertaining, and that this thread has helped clarify things. Thanks for reading
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