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More trolling this morning, so I'm not going to write for a while.

But, on the story. Captain Gahv may or may not be a Dire Vargr. He certainly doesn't behave like your typical Vargr, or rather he is a Vargr in many ways, but has a bit of a quirt to his personality. His crew, on the other hand, are quite normal Vargr.

As the story evolved things came up that were part inspirational, part education, and kind of fell into place. Almost as if I was getting help. Which kind of angers me.

The humans aren't incompetent, as some might conclude, but rather they're dealing with a quantity has another value than they initially think. Ergo you get them failing to deal with Gahv appropriately.

I've read through the original Aliens Module for Vargr, but to be honest, I don't recall much of it. Vargr are mentioned throughout the LBB series, and there's enough reminders here and there, even in the two computers games, as to major traits and basic psychology. That, and I happen to know a lot about dogs and some stuff about wolves. So the research for the story is based a lot on my knowledge of all aspects.

If I were to write the same story using an Aslan or Droyne or something, it would have a slightly different flavor, and I would be more prone to screwing up the alien particulars since, as I mentioned in another thread, even though I read the three Aslan alien modules more than once, I'm still a bit of a babe in the woods. And that's on top of having used Aslan in a couple of sessions way back when. Obviously the knowledge never stuck.

An interesting exercise might be to do a similar story using a Droyne, or maybe even a Hiver (K'Kree are interesting up to a certain point, but are fairly one-dimensional). I've used Droyne character a few times back in university days. Kind of a fun race to play, though reading through the more recent GURPS take on them, I'm not so sure I find their scout ships all that appealing.

As I mentioned before, I've not used a lot of proper knowns, and particularly from To me it's a fan resource for all the wok that's gone into it. That, and I find certain aspects of fan-addons rather far fetched, so I stick with what was published by GDW and sprinkle in my own refereenesses.

I like to write action when I can, but I found explaining the day-to-day attitudes and operations of navy, scout and general government service and civilian or pirate life, to be kind of fun.

Things I forgot; the super huge grill intake behind the bridge on the corsair. Eh, there's been no real reason to mention much of the standard Vargr corsair design, but I feel I may have left out some aspects of description.

To me Vargr are intelligent wolves, so I write them as such. As uplifted wolves they have all of the positive and negative traits of their Terran counterparts. All animals can virtuous and duplicitous all at once. They're not much different from humans in that regard, save that a good portion of them don't turn on their own kind. Wolves are an exception as there's the usual pack power play going on. Gahv, because of who he is, doesn't really need to shirk off any mutinous efforts derived from pack mentality. He's bigger, stronger, possibly faster, and has a certain genius about him that he employs regardless of the consequences.

I've done a lot of gaming against the Zhos, that is they've usually been the NPC badguys in a few game sessions, them and their mind flaying psychiatric ways. They are, in essence, codified psychiatrists with a carny bent to them; i.e. they don't just "read minds", but the noble class wear that funky turban with a jewel like many a soothsayer at a Midwest carnival, spewing junk like "fortune shall fall upon you...", when in reality a safe was dislodged from an office window, and kills your characters. Ouch.

I'm not a big Zhodani fan, and even though I've read the old "classic" traveller Alien module on them, and a have a good feel for them . red hair and warbots and all, I just have a hard time really getting "into them", so to speak. Ergo my description of them I hope isn't too vanilla flavored. Let me know in this thread if you think otherwise.

Okay, cool down period done.
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