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The story is coming close to an end. There was a chapter where I wanted to show some stuff, and that's coming, but my "old writer self" had a tendency to create safe havens for characters, thus removing the specter of peril. I've hopefully finally kicked that habit. As a sidebar anecdote here, one Traveller story, which has never seen the light of day, had a couple of characters from my old gaming group hold up in a hollowed out mountain left over from some Droyne or Darriens, and they watched a group of Zho g-carriers close with them oblivious to their fortress, when in fact they should have been running for their lives.

In this story I've been pretty lenient, and didn't want to keep giving my characters "mana from heaven" to deus-machina their way out of bad situations. When you do that, you have no story … or a very boring one. In spite of what Gahv is, I almost kind of like him. To me he epitomizes the Vargr gone raiding, but with a higher degree of success due to his makeup.

I've kept the locations vague and unofficial save for Regina and Efate. To me the Vargr Extents, or rather the nations within that region, are an ever changing landscape of polities. So it is that the old Kingdom or royal navy that Gahv served in is referenced, but otherwise unimportant as the government was overthrown, and possibly by this time whatever government replaced his old navy has itself been replaced by yet another revolution.

Anyway, if I've screwed up canon here and there … well, I won't apologize for it. YTU and all that. I've been playing or tinkering with the game since 79 or thereabouts, so I feel entitled to make mistakes, and then just explain it away as my interpretation.

So it is that I've used worlds other than the prime worlds in systems, or even as Port Saluga, rogue worlds in deep black where there's nothing on the charts. To me that's original flavor Traveller, with a dash of Imperium, Zhodani, and Vargr thrown in there for flavor.

Sorry if I sound like I'm apologizing. I'm not really, just trying to explain how I've created this tale for your enjoyment.

Thanks for reading.
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