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Originally Posted by tjoneslo View Post
This is a quick and dirty system to answer basic questions. If you want a full detailed system generator I recommend GT:First In. Despite its age it has the most accurate system generator.
There ought to be a website. Press the button and you get a system randomly generated with 1 to 3 stars and with a planetary system for each. I tried making a spreadsheet on my tablet which could generated a random planetary system but it was too slow! What you roll next depends greatly on what you rolled last, so GM hands on involvement is constantly involved as you craft your spreadsheet for one particular star system, and then you start all over again for the next one. The funny thing is that the output doesn't take all that much space, but crafting it certainly does!

There must be a process to generate a planetary system without too much human gray matter involved. Imagine how long it would be to detail a complete subsector, 40 star systems and all!

I've seen some planetary map generators, one flaw is they tend to make one or two supercontinents, you don't get something like the Earth and its seven continents and four oceans.
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