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The way out is via the fourth dimension, the birch world builders have invented a time machine, they knew their universe was dying and their building this birchworld was only putting off the inevitable, so they have developed a time warp drive and wormhole technology. The timewarp sends their wormhole openings back in time to whatever time period they want all the way back to the big Bang. Of course nothing they send to the big Bang will survive, so they can send wormholes almost to the big bang.

Go back far enough in time and all the multiple universe's merge back into a single one, and from there, the PCs can find their own universe and return to their present in that Universe. The builders will be happy to send the PCs back in time, but from there it's up to the PCs to move forward in time back to their present. Since the builders were once human, they can send the PCs back to a historical era, to a point where the PC's historical timeline is identical to the builders. The builders' timeline and the OTU's merge at some point before Alexander the Great's empire fell, for the builder's Alexander's children survived and ruled that Empire for several centuries before it fell much like the Roman Empire did, so one possible way for the PC's to get back to their own timeline would be to kill Alexander the Great by poisoning him, then with some further course corrections the PCs will be on their way back to their own universe.
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