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Originally Posted by LtBennett View Post
I see two responses so far...
By BBB 5E is elsewhere right now...but even with that I get a bit confused...
So my ship approaches a world/system/star ??? coming out of jump...
Interested in going to gas giant first...but where is it...?
Then perhaps wants to go to asteroid...but where is it?
Over to the experts...
Is this a system Generation Question (what orbit should I expect it in about the target star) or
A survey Question (where, in its range of possible positions, is it at a given time relative to the nearest star) or
An Astrogation Question (how far from my projected jump-exit point do I want it, and how far from my jump entry point will it be in a week(ish) of time given the relative motions of the two star systems)

e.g. if the main world is in an orbit at 1.6 AU and the inner giant is in an orbit at 2.8 AU is it 1.2 AU from the main world or 4.8 (with a star in the way)? Would I do better going for the next gas giant because it is in an orbit at 5.2AU but is now only 2.8AU distant from the mainworld.

For astrogation purposes, the question "Which planet is most likely to be closer to the Earth: Mercury or Venus?" is not the same as the survey question "which planet's orbit is closer to earth's: Mercury or Venus?"
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