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Originally Posted by tjoneslo View Post
Orbits are numbered 0 to 10 (2d-2). One of the orbits is the habitable zone. Usually orbit 3, which is also where the 100D limit of the Star is as well. If the main world is a habitable one (atmosphere 3-9, hydro 1+) put it into the habitable orbit . Otherwise roll for the orbit. Roll the orbits of the gas giants. Place the belts in the next orbit inward from the gas giants or otherwise roll them. Assume the rest of the orbit are occupied by airless rock balls or other useless worlds.

System completed

The actual habitable orbit depends on the primary. And for binary stars there are some additional complications.
Some potentially habitable orbits are closer than 0, we have found a number of exoplanets close than that, including in the Trappist system I believe. Proxima B is closer than 0. What should we do about that?
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