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Originally Posted by BackworldTraveller View Post
I'd be interested to see what the maths says about the pressures on the surface given the mass and size. Would the pressures be large enough to collapse the matter into something fluid like? If so, the whole collapses all too quickly into that black hole.

I'd also disagree about the statement about the gravity well. The gravity peaks at the surface - the exact centre has equal mass at equal distance in all directions and is thus in zero-g!

Finally, the body can't be treated as a point mass at the centre when calculating surface gravity. That assumption requires a solid body of uniform density.

The distance to each place varies and the pull exerted is dependent on the inverse of the square of that distance. So that portion of mass directly below a point is twice the distance away that a point mass at the centre would be...Thus it has only 1/4 of the effect.
Yes, at 1 light year from the center, the gravity is 1/4 g, at 2 light years it is 1/16 g, at 4 light years it is 1/64 g, this is over one thousand galaxies worth of matter packed into one cubic light year of space, it is kept from forming a black hole by centrifugal force from within, there are spinning belts inside the shell moving at just below the speed of light, communication between any two points is just under 2 years to send a message and to receive a response, still it is possible to have a government. The surface area with a radius 30,300 times the radius of a 1 au dyson sphere is one quintillion times the surface area of the earth or a one followed by 18 zeroes.
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