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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Keep in mind: Dyson's shell wasn't a sphere... it was a cloud of separate sats, since the strain of a proper shell would preclude actually having the poles covered; no material known would handle the strain. (Later authors conflated Dyson's Swarm with solid shells.)

Given practical gravitics, if you include that, you CAN float a solid shell, but if there's a major outage, only the tropical belt is likely to survive. (the poles will be drawn down into the center mass.

So, you need gravitics in your setting. Either that, or restrict the birch world to a probably 30 degree wide belt,
What makes it a birch World is that it is almost a black hole, the escape velocity to climb out of its gravitational well is almost the speed of light. This setting is another Universe or our own universe in the distant future, when the universe is almost dead. It is basically a pocket Universe in it's own right, as there is nothing outside of it that matters. Anything that falls toward it from outside would be falling at nearly the speed of light by the time it hit its surface, if it punched a hole in the sky roof, the atmosphere can't escape, there is just too much gravity, it will just sit on top of the roof and can be pumped back underneath while the roof is being repaired.

As far as the PCs are concerned, this world may as well be flat, they are never going to explore all of it, it might make a good base for a time travel campaign or a parallel universe campaign. This world is not abandoned, it requires active management and maintenance to exist, those in charge may as well be gods, and they don't concern themselves with the affairs of mortals, they are concerned with maintaining the structure of this world not with who lives on it. Humans are just part of the scenery along with everything else. This is pretty much a world at the end of time, which is why I think it might make a good base for a time travel campaign.
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