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Oh I got that all worked out, extrapolating from SS3 and the missile bay descriptions from Striker's integration of ortillery.

Striker has the missile bays effectively being 1 dton per missile, so 50 missiles for the 50 ton bay and 100 missiles for the 100 ton bay.

The Striker bit further defines the missile diameters as a function of the HE warhead, so that can get you the missile size given that you know the bay missile has to be less then 1 dton and X diameter.

BTW I don't bother with HE effects from an HG bombardment, much more a kinetic thing most of the time, it would probably be a special shot or area effect thing to use actual explosives/submunitions.

Anyway, that led me to looking carefully at the missile bays and their relative power vs. a 'standard' turret missile.

Without going into the whole reasoning, I came up with a missile that is 15x the size and potency of a turret missile, and a very simple shot- 50 ton battery fire is one bay missile, 100 ton battery fire is two bay missiles.

The difference in relative power as the bays level up is all in the missile tech as it advances. The bay ones are armored and have big decoy/EW/advanced computers on board, averaging something like Cr100000-200000 per.

If doing CT SS3 shots then that would be 15 1d6 per missile and something like double the missile's G rating for -DM for evasion/EW/really expensive missile survival add-ons plus two hits to kill.

Easiest thing to do with SS3 would probably be to make a standard missile, multiply 15x then tack on Cr20000 for a survival package. Bay missiles would be 750kg, which fits nicely with the idea of a 1 d-ton silo that is mostly missile plus packing/control systems/launch.
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