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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
I'm not sure how you are getting those turret numbers. HG far as I can tell usually uses 10 turrets max for batteries, and has tech boosts to get those 8/9 factors.
Bays have the higher numbers. At TL 10, 30 missile launchers (10 triple turrets) is a factor 6 From there, the 50 ton bay is a factor 7, and the 100 ton bay is a factor 8. All at the same TL.

Now, perhaps the bays launch bigger missiles that hit harder rather than simply more missiles.

All I was doing was simple extrapolation from the given chart to the higher factors to try to make the bays consistent and workable. "If we were playing Mayday and someone launched a 50 ton missile bay, what would it be like."
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