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Default Terran Gentleman, and Other (Not So Fine) Potables

One of the many technologies brought with to the stars from Terra was distilling of the varied grain crops. While some distillery techniques do produce quality products, such as Scotch whisky or various Caribbean rums, the techniques to produce cheap, unpleasant liquor has, in fact, thrived. Often to the detriment of officers, NCOs, or people trying to get things done in a timely fashion

A brand that has found particular popularity in the Sol subsector is a whiskey known as "Terran Gentleman". Sold in brown bottles in 500 mL, 750 mL, 1 L and 2 L sizes, with the smaller two in glass, and the larger plastic, it has become a near scourge to hear the complaints to the populations that drink it. Averaging approximately 50% alcohol by volume, it retails for excessively low prices, of around .25 credits for a 40 mL drink at the dive bars it can be found at or 2 credits per 750 mL bottle. It is most commonly found in junior enlisted quarters on military bases, Belter settlements, and poor neighborhoods. The taste is described as being "cleaning agent, grain alcohol, and regret" by those who drink it a few times. It is reasonably common among junior spacers, starport vagrants, and oddly enough, fighter pilots.

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