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I appreciate the desire to reclaim and restore the original Buddhist symbol
the swastika is a bhuddist symbol? had no idea.

ain't reclaiming anything. wanted a lab ship, drew up some spoke and wheel segments just to get organized, tacked it all into one long drawing but decided that would be unwieldy and wouldn't fit on the board anyway, pasted it all into a compact box format but decided that looked ridiculous and would be awkward in game play, decided to make it as much a wheel as I could so players would get a better feel for the environment, but can't do a wheel in mspaint, settled on a "spiral depiction", noticed it looked swastika-y, decided so what, finished it.

anyway, there's a lab ship if you want one. or if you don't.

it's a non-starter
can always draw your own. everyone here would love to see it, including me.
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