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Space debris isn't going to affect computers or the internet. Very little internet or voice traffic transits by satellite anymore, long distance traffic is all optical cables.

However Kessler Syndrome would be an interesting component of a Twilight War, maybe as a component of ballistic missile defense (successful or not) or as you suggest anti-satellite warfare (or both). A lack of spy satellites would impact a lot of modern military operations.

LEO is the region that would be most imperiled by anti-satellite weapons and the Kessler effect of debris. MEO and GEO would not be as easily compromised as the volume of space is just way larger and there's fewer satellites in those orbits. They're also harder to hit because much larger rockets are needed to get an ASAT system to those orbits.

So many spy and weather satellites would/could be destroyed in LEO but navigation and many communication satellites would likely be safe (relatively). Those would face a bigger danger of having their ground component destroyed or disabled.
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