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CreativeHum... you're very gracious, thank you for that. And for your conversation as well. In the future I'll look a little longer when I figure attributions and such. I appreciate what you said about post count, but it's also clear I'm still getting the lay of the land.

As to Apps & RPGs... two of my worlds, colliding. And you're right - a lot of supposing. Not so much data. My personal feeling is that T5 is too complicated for adoption except for all but the most serious of loyalists or adept of mechanics. My long time with RPGs has this ringing my Spidey sense pretty loudly ( again, no real data ), as I very much would like to see Traveller flourish, using Aramis's point - where you can get a good-sized game together. For me, that's the def of success. I love reading, writing, and talking about it... but for me playing with a group wins hands down.

Games being successful or not is a pretty slippery set of eels to cajole, I'd think. I take a look at a bunch of aspects of Traveller as a game for sale and also as a culture, including the debacle this threat was created to discuss, and I feel like there's a lot of good work to be done. Only a small slice of which I am any sort of expert in.

And yea Flykiller... DnD definitely has some serious support, in many aspects. And the more successful it is, the more successful it becomes. It really doesn't need so much support, because it has a lot going for it from "go." From before that.

And Whartung, yes. To it all. Yes. This is my day thing for the most part, imagining just this then getting it designed. You expressed it better than I would have. As far as how the interface( s ) might go, Flykiller... figuring that is a helluva process. Complex, but good times.

Like Traveller.

Okay, time for me to shhhhhh a bit.
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