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Well, an "interactive" rule book may well be compelling.

A game that is distributed, as an "app" that is a combination of rules and any support applications that come along with it (simple example character generator, character sheet printer -- obviously if that's all that was offered it would be terrible).

But the problem is while I don't mind reading so much on a e-reader, I sure hate "browsing" on one. You just can't easily "rifle" through a PDF rule book, looking for a captivating graphic, or an interesting chapter heading.

As much as we hate junk mail at the house, I do like catalogs. They're far easier to browse than a web site. Just thumb through it, and you can see so much stuff, stuff I want, stuff I don't, stuff I didn't know I wanted. The electronic experience just isn't there yet, not easily, not conveniently.

But a DM app with rules and utilities, accompanied with a Player App that the DM can send characters and gear and little bits too -- that could be interesting if done right.