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the "younger" people signing up to play in your convention game... I wonder if they're already on board with buying Traveller stuff that comes out, fans of the game and "brand advocates," or they're new or undecided.
they're at the convention to have a good time, and maybe ... maybe ... try something new. if you want to know what made an impression on them, look at what they buy as the convention winds down.

5E is the least supported D&D edition.
there is more to support than specific products at specific times. a century of fantasy artwork (mostly of big muscular barbarians and chainmail-bikini-clad females) and quite a few movies (conan, world of warcraft) (not to mention the on-line game world) and quite a bit of literature delineates the genre generally and specifically.

"what's d&d?" "swords and monsters and magic and fantasy!" "oh, I know what that is!"

traveller has very little in comparison.

"what's traveller?" "science fiction in the far future." "what, star wars, with energy swords and mind powers and troubled heros struggling with morality and the fate of the universe in the balance and the heros striding like gods above the common folk? star trek, with exploding planets and 25 year old captains commanding starships and exploring strange new worlds themselves and saving the federation and the heros self-actualizing themselves?" "no, it's shotguns in space, older people living out their retirements while spending many weeks travelling between the stars." "oh."

reading through this, it occurs to me that most games involve people playing megacharacters. kirk is a megacharacter. luke is a megacharacter. conan is a megacharacter. game characters are megacharacters, or very rapidly grow to be such. they're not called that, they're not defined that way, but in effect they are. such games are attractive precisely because they are not realistic in any way - they allow the players to live a heroic and victorious fantasy.

traveller has very little room for megacharacters. it's just not heroic.

and that is why the other games have so much support - because they are extensions of that desire to live a heroic and victorious fantasy. and why traveller has relatively little - because it is not.