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Maybe I wasn't clear. Maybe I should leave it be.

But I won't.

Kids don't -need- apps.

A modern game, one that needs broad appeal to be successful today in the long run, and has particularly crunchy bits, could certainly benefit from apps. Pick up money laying on the table, so to speak.

This requires no balls to say. I don't know how old you are CreativeHum, but the "younger" people signing up to play in your convention game... I wonder if they're already on board with buying Traveller stuff that comes out, fans of the game and "brand advocates," or they're new or undecided. Hard for me to even guess.

But one of these groups would be better to consider, for marketing purposes.

As for what the apps would be for... not everyone who might love Traveller, or who might buy the game, enjoys the prospect of spending the required time to find, absorb, and run through the tables for results and then work through, error check, and clean up this work to just make a character. You might. lotrs of people here might. But I'm pretty sure not everyone who loves RPGs or Traveller does.

Rinse and repeat for items you want. If you're running the game, rinse and repeat again for more items, a ship, a planet, for almost all the sophonts you need any level of detail on, and so on.

Doing all this by hand could very well be your cup of tea, but I'm open to the possibility that it's not everyone's brand of joy. Apps would help with all that, and increase appeal of the game as a whole. I don't think saying so is insulting anyone, or a sign of massive balls.

That's just my opinion, though. I do have less than 20 posts, here.
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